About Ellen J Harris

Ellen works with owners in designing revenue systems in six areas of the business; research and development, operations, marketing, sales, finance and capital assets.

Ellen J. Harris owns Business-Accelerated Company, an information services firm specializing in intellectual property helping business owners and entrepreneurs.

She is trained in interactive online marketing, executive management, telecommunications-computer science, specializing digital systems design. Harris evaluates businesses across multiple modalities to pinpoint where business models and revenue strategies converge.

Using Harris' methods owners eliminate distracting, non-revenue producing tasks that are not measurable nor productive in achieving insight into their business performance.

According to Harris, business owners ready for transition and effective revenue methods will not miss their chance to solve their revenue challenge with precise revenue strategies using her proprietary system. She guides business owners to discover their intangible assets and transform those into intellectual capital into properties that become their owned and operated brand assets.

Harris serves as business plan adviser at the NYU Stern School of Entrepreneurship and case study marketing coach at the Lubin of Business at Pace University.

Her portfolio includes over 30 marketing case studies, sample revenue accelerator guide designed to illustrate what is possible for business owners in the first 90 days of engagement.